Sep 23, 2015

How to hire the right agency for your brand project

In all the years of working with tech companies, we have heard the same story time and time again about the trials and tribulations of VPs and marketing executives trying to secure a budget to invest in brand strategy with limited success.

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Aug 24, 2015

Product design and brand strategy?

We’ve noticed a trend, especially with technology companies. Products can suffer growing pains if they are conceived, gestated, and born into the world without the guiding hand of the brand. On the flipside, brand strategy can have an enormously ... Read more >


Aug 5, 2015

Should you really invest in a brand strategy?

A brand strategy can take what people know and believe about your business to new levels. Active brand management takes a valuable asset that may now be largely underused, and turns it into a powerful competitive weapon. Regardless of how ... Read more >


Jul 30, 2015

What does this say about your leadership style?

Gianpiero Petriglieri is Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at INSEAD, a regular contributor to the HBR blog, and a prolific and insightful tweeter. Indeed, the title of this post is taken from one of his recent tweets promoting his ... Read more >


Jul 28, 2015

The Meaning Gap and What it means for your business

Your business's performance suffers when people don't do what your business needs them to do. So why aren't they doing what you need them to do? The meaning gap represents the distance that's growing between your business and the people vital to ... Read more >


Jul 23, 2015

Innovative leaders articulate the way forward for their teams

We recently reread a Fast Company blog post by Seth Kahan, a change specialist who will publish his new book, "Getting Innovation Right", in early 2013. Seth ... Read more >


Jul 21, 2015

Is It time for your business to embrace the Purpose Economy?


According to Aaron Hurst, we've moved from the Information Economy to the Purpose Economy. He states that this is a natural evolution, which is taking us from the first levels of human organization, the hoe-and-plow Agrarian Economy, ... Read more >


Jul 16, 2015

Tech Companies, Stop Leading With Features and Benefits!

Convincing minds by capturing hearts: the new brand-building approach. What comes first? The rational decision to take the next step on the path to purchase, or the emotional trigger that gets them started on that path? ... Read more >